Sleep Apnea Treatment 

If you are seeking treatment for snoring and you have any of the following symptoms, you should first be evaluated by a Minneapolis Doctor before any dental treatment:

  • You awake from sleep and feel unrefreshed
  • You fall asleep at inappropriate times during the day
  • You periodically stop snoring or breathing during sleep (as observed by sleeping partner)

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, you may have a more serious medical problem called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). If OSA is suspected, additional testing of your sleep may be necessary.

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How can an oral appliance help reduce snoring or sleep apnea?

At the Ivory Dental Group we custom make an oral appliance that will help minimize or even eliminate snoring or obstructive sleep apnea. These appliances can decrease or eliminate your dependence on your CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)  devices in some OSA cases. The oral appliance is a small, clear, acrylic mouthpiece that fits over the upper and lower teeth or tongue, and is very similar to an orthodontic retainer or mouth guard. It is designed to move the base of the tongue forward and open the airway by slightly advancing the lower jaw or tongue. A reduction of snoring and apnea is caused by the improved breathing from the open airway. Depending on your specific needs, various types of devices can be created to give you the most effective results. During a consultation appointment, a doctor can help you determine the perfect appliance for you.

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When is an oral appliance indicated?

- Primary snoring
- Mild obstructive sleep apnea
- Moderate obstructive sleep apnea patients who prefer an oral appliance to CPAP
- Severe obstructive sleep apnea patients who cannot tolerate a CPAP
- For use in combination with nasal CPAP
- When it’s not possible to use CPAP (when traveling)

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Are the Treatments covered by insurance?

We know that insurance plans are widely varied and we work with each patient to aid in obtaining reimbursements from their insurance carrier. Oral appliances that treat obstructive sleep apnea are covered by most insurance companies. However, snoring by itself is not typically covered by insurance companies. Most dental insurance companies will not cover any treatments of obstructive sleep apnea, so if coverage is available for oral appliances, it will most likely be through a medical insurance carrier. Calling to inquire what your specific medical insurance company offers is the most effective way to be sure of what you have access to. We can send your insurance company any information regarding your situation for you to request a pre-determination of benefits.