Teeth Whitening: we do things the RIGHT way!

teeth whitening

Ok - So I'm sure all of you have noticed that as life goes by...our teeth definitely start to lose the "pearly whiteness" that they once had in their youth. Bummer, right? And, tea and red wine are delicious and it's not realistic to tell patients: " you need to stop drinking coffee because it stains your teeth !" Are you kidding me! My patients would revolt!

Here is the good news...stain is reversible (or removable). At Ivory Dental Group we have taken time to research THE BEST and most PREDICTABLE tooth whitening system and have developed a protocol that allows us to achieve amazing results time after time. We use Kor - take home whitening systems and tactical "in office" teeth whitening to take stained and dark teeth and make them beautiful again. I LOVE teeth whitening...because it's one of the easiest, least invasive, safest and cost effective ways to make over your smile and overall appearance. 

Ask me about it at your next check up! Or, go to our "whitening" section under our services tab. See you all soon!

~ Dr Brenny



Invisalign - Our patients LOVE this service!

We started providing Invisalign - Clear Braces at Ivory Dental Group several years ago. Our Downtown Minneapolis patients have LOVED this service. Often traditional braces are NOT an option for adult patients simply due to the aesthetic concerns...BUT with Invisalign clear trays we can deliver a streamlined and comfortable orthodontic option without showing any metal!

We have seen some AMAZING results over the years. Check out our "services" tab and select Invisalign to see our before and after cases. The best results are achieved during simple corrections: maybe you have braces as a child and now the teeth have shifted slightly. Invisalign is a GREAT options to bring the teeth back into alignment.

These clear trays are changed out every 2 weeks. They are worn 23 hours a day (except when eating). As you move through each tray sequence, the new tray will apply a slight pressure to your teeth - Moving them back into perfect alignment! Ask about Invisalign at your next check up or new patient appointment and I'll happily go into more detail!

~ Dr Cole Brenny